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Situation for wind farm operators

Power Loss

Wind farm power output is significantly reduced due to low wind speeds characterizing the wake of a wind turbine.

Turbine Fatigue

The increased turbulence, induced swirl, and flow inhomogeneity caused by wakes all have negative impact on turbine fatigue and thus lifetime.

Output Instability

Conventional (greedy) wind farm control strategies cause power forecast difficulties and thus grid instability.

With Wind Farm Control, we provide a suite of tools to manage wake effects and other interactions on a park level.

Features of Wind Farm Control

Custom Control Strategies

Sectorial wake-steering or power-derating wind farm control strategies reduce the wake effects within the wind farm.

Power System Integration

Dynamic wind farm control algorithms assist in the power system and energy market integration of wind farms.

Wind Farm-Wide Insights

Turbine sensor data provide valuable insights on design, operation and planning of wind farms.

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