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Situation for wind farm operators

High Investment Cost

Uncertainties in turbine- and site-specific loads hinder the minimization of conservative rotor blade designs.

Bad Energy/Load Ratio

Unknown loads during operation prevent the optimization of turbine energy-to-load ratio.

Lifetime Loads

Unknown load histories impede the lifetime maximization of the whole wind turbine.

With Turbine Load Control, we provide a sensitive detection system for detrimental loads and can calculate a virtual age of the turbine to enable lifetime extension.

Features of Turbine Load Control

Knowledge of Loads

Using a load control system allows lighter and cheaper blades, as safety reserves can be optimized.

Active Load Reduction

Active load reduction and avoidance of overloads allow the use of longer blades.

Lifetime Extension

Knowledge of cumulative loads can determine the virtual age and build the basis for lifetime extension.

I would like to receive the case study!

 I would like to receive the case study!

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