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Situation for wind farm operators

Structural Damage

Lightning strikes or extreme loads affect the structural integrity of the blade, which is hard to quantify.

Slow Degradation

Rotor components deteriorate over time, what is often only be picked up on when it is too late.

Maintenance Work

Current fixed-period preventive service intervals increase turbine downtime and reduce annual energy yield.

With Turbine Integrity Control, we provide a sensitive detection system for acute blade damage and a reliable monitoring and prediction of slow degradation.

Features of Turbine Integrity Control

Damage Detection

The impact of sudden damage can be quantified, trigger fail-safe operation and avoid costly fatal accidents.

Degradation Control

Turbine wear is tracked over time and alert levels are set for early damage detection and to avoid fatal loss.

Optimized Maintenance

Improved predictive maintenance and repair planning increases turbine uptime and annual energy production.

I would like to receive the case study!

 I would like to receive the case study!

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