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Situation for wind farm operators

Turbine Inefficiency

The performance of a wind turbine exhibits deficiencies from the specified power curve.

Complex Wind Fields

The wind turbine is affected by unfavorable flow conditions caused by the surrounding terrain, neighboring structures, etc.

Sector Curtailment

Site-specific restrictions require the turbine to run at reduced power or shut off completely.

With Turbine Efficiency Control, we provide a tool to fine-tune your wind turbine and get the maximum power output in spite of sector curtailment, complex wind and challenging terrain.

Features of Turbine Efficiency Control

Optimal Operation

Sensor data helps to optimize the energy yield for high ambient turbulence, wind shear, and non-horizontal inflow.

Imbalance Correction

Correcting yaw-misalignment, pitch error, aerodynamic rotor imbalance, and anemometer calibration errors.

Sector Management

With empirical knowledge of flow conditions and loads, operating restrictions are reduced and yield increased.

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