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Situation for wind farm operators

Loss of Yield

Unnecessarily long standstills of the turbine due to ice events reduce the annual yield.

High Operating Cost

Visual inspection and manual restart of the wind turbine increase the operating cost.

Safety Risk

Ice-drop can endanger people, iced rotor blades can cause imbalance and damage the turbine.

With Rotor Ice Control we provide a sensitive, certified rotor blade ice detection system based on our reliable and cost-efficient fiber-optic measurement technology optimized for wind energy.

Features of Rotor Ice Control

Efficient operation

Stopping as late as necessary and restarting as early as possible increases the energy yield.

Automatic stop/start

Automatic restart without visual inspection even in low wind significantly increases yield.

Reliable detection

Reliable and certified detection of ice mass on the rotor increases safety to people, assets, and property.

I would like to receive the case study!

 I would like to receive the case study!

Average increase in production

Impact on annual energy yield