"Welcome to the digital age of wind energy - welcome to cutting edge analytics!"

Robert Erdmann, CDO fos4X GmbH

Optimize your turbine

Increase your energy yield

Minimize your operational costs

Raise your availability/lifetime


With our industry expertise and cutting edge model-based analysis, machine-learning and AI techniques, we convert sensor data from the edge into relevant, actionable insights that you can access wherever you are.

Business Areas

  • Apps for wind plant optimization, leveraging data from our fiber-optic blade sensors.
  • Analytics-as-a-Service, based on your own machine/edge data.
  • Development support on Industrial IoT data integration projects.



Combination of model-based analytics and machine learning.

Signal Context

High-frequency time-series data processing and sensor data fusion.

IIoT Analytics Platform

Seamless shifting of data and processing between Edge, Fog, and Cloud.

Business Solutions

Asset performance optimization and long-term monitoring.

Fundamental Measurands

Temperature, pressure, strain/stress, torsion, and acceleration/vibration.


Electrical energy (generation, distribution, storage), wind, aviation, rail.