Verticals - fos4X outside the wind industry

“Our fiber optic measurement technology is a platform technology. We also help to take advantage of these advantages in other industries outside wind power.”

Christian Lindemann, Head of Key Account Management, fos4X GmbH

General industrial use of fiber optic sensors

Fiber-optic sensors offer many advantages over conventional electrical sensors. Among the most important advantages are the insensitivity to electromagnetic influences, the insulation against high electrical power and the possibility to realize very long transmission distances.

We would be pleased to advise you on how to use fiber-optic sensors to revolutionize your products and services with fiber-optic measurement technology. We also support you in implementing new digital business models based on new measurement technology solutions.

We see ourselves not only as a supplier of measurement technology. We help you identify the cost-effective solution for your application and develop application-specific sensors and software together with you. We support you from the feasibility study to the series. Various business models are possible: from the distribution agreement, through licensing agreements to long-term service level agreements.

Build on our expertise to enhance your performance portfolio with fiber-optic sensors, advanced signal processing methods and new digital business models.

Typical projects outside the wind industry

Process measurement for fiber optic temperature measurement

Process measurement

Our customers use the advantages of distributed fiber-optic temperature measurement in the control of various industrial processes.

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fiber optic measurement technology for axis counting in railway engeneering

Railway engineering

In railway engineering, fiber-optic sensor technology plays an increasingly important role, as could be demonstrated in axis counting.

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fiber optic pressure sensors for aerodynamic tests


Our fos4X fiber-optic pressure sensors are used in pitot tubes and are used flush with surfaces for aerodynamic tests.

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fiber optic temperature sensors for automotive industry


Fiber-optic temperature sensors are used in test areas of the automotive industry in the field of the electrified powertrain.

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Process measurement

Technology transfer with fiber optic temperature measurement with various distributed measuring points

Our customers use distributed, fiber-optic temperature measurement in the control of various industrial processes, among other things in tools for the production of fiber composite structures or in steel continuous casting plants. The multitude of necessary measuring points is particularly impressive in these applications, so that we have, for example, extended our measuring instrument for the distributed strain and temperature measurement on behalf of SMS group GmbH to 64 measurement channels with 18 sensors each.

With up to 1,152 temperature measuring points, the process in steelworks worldwide can be better controlled and rejects and downtimes can be reduced. An important criterion for the use of fiber-optic sensors in process measurement technology is the low physical space of fiber-optic sensors and the associated cabling.

Railway engineering

Axle counting with fiber optic sensors

In railway engineering, fiber-optic sensor technology plays an increasingly important role, for example in axis counting. Force measurement on current collectors, points diagagnosis or status monitoring of bogies are also typical applications. In the case of axle counting, we are working with our partner Thales to introduce fiber optic axle meters.

This safety-critical application is particularly predestined for the use of fiber-optic sensors, since the use of electronic components in the field can thereby be avoided. Besides the advantage of lower costs, electromagnetic interference, lightning damage and copper theft are a thing of the past. The Fit-and-Forget approach is also designed to significantly reduce maintenance costs over the system runtime.


pressure sensors in pitot tubes for aerodynamic tests

Our fiber-optic pressure sensors are used in pitot tubes and flush with surfaces for aerodynamic tests. The measurement of aerodynamic parameters such as quasi-static pressure distribution and aeroacoustics have long been used by our sensors.

We are now supporting our distributor and specialist for customer-specific pressure transducers Vectoflow in the development of a fiber-optic pitot tube. It is to stand out against current products by its particular robustness against environmental influences and by a more dynamic response.


fiber optic temperature sensors in the electrified powertrain

Fiber-optic temperature sensors are used in test areas of the automotive industry in the field of the electrified powertrain. Due to the high power density, electric motors require high operating voltages and operating currents. For the development and the test fields, sensors are required which, unlike conventional electrical sensors, are immune to inductive alternating fields and at the same time do not require any special requirements for insulation and handling. At the same time, usability is particularly important here: in the application, the sensors must not differ from conventional systems.

In cooperation with imc Test & Measurement, we have developed special temperature sensors which can be integrated into the motor components, converters and batteries, which require little installation space and do not have any disturbing effects in this demanding environment.