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“The next wave of innovation in wind energy is driven by sensors and information.”

 Fabian Zelenka, COO fos4X GmbH

Rotor blade sensing

The future of wind industry with fiber optic sensors

The next wave of innovation in wind energy is powered by sensors and information. In 10 years, every new rotor blade will be equipped with several sensors that allow a direct measurement of the structural parameters.

The operation of wind turbines and parks can be significantly optimized with the help of moments, frequencies and forms resulting from these signals. So rotor blade sensing is the foundation of future digital business models.

Rotor blade sensing combines two strategically important topics of all wind turbine manufacturers: aerodynamics and turbine control. For this fos4X is a reliable partner.

fos4X management

Lars is the founder of fos4X. After earning his doctorate in optical metrology and his business administration studies, he gained experience as a management consultant at McKinsey. Since the end of 2010, he is now managing director of fos4X.
Dr. Lars Hoffmann

Dr. Lars Hoffmann


„It’s a lot of fun to see your own company grow and lead it into a great future.“

Robert leads the digital business which includes departments Wind Power Knowledge, Unified Software and Infrastructure and Signals and Mathematical Models. Before joining fos4X, he worked for Texas Instruments and Telefonica. Most recently he was responsible for the digital business at Telefonica Next.
Robert Erdmann

Robert Erdmann


„With our data from the wind turbine, we deliver customer benefits along the entire value chain.“

As CFO, Bernhard is responsible for Finance, Human Resources and Quality Assurance. Bernhard can look back on more than 20 years of professional experience in the areas of finance and controlling. Before joining fos4X he was CFO of "ESG Elektroniksystem- und Logistik".
Dr. Bernhard Kopp

Dr. Bernhard Kopp


„Together with our investors, we ensure that the dynamic growth of fos4X is well financed and that our clients can rely on us.“

Bernd is responsible for Key Account Management, Business Development, and Marketing. With his team of specialists in wind energy and aerodynamics, he maintains close relationships with our partners. He has many years of experience in the field of control applications for wind turbines.
Bernd Kuhnle

Bernd Kuhnle


„The trusting relationships with our customers and partners are the alpha and omega of our success.“

Markus is responsible for product development and innovation in the area of sensor technology. He leads the Hardware and Software Development and the department Operating Tools. He receives his doctorate in the field of the reliability of fiber optic metrology, previously working for several years in the automotive industry.
Markus Schmid

Dr. Markus Schmid


„Reliability,  costs  and  innovation  are  not  contradictory  terms  for  our  understanding.“

Fabian is responsible for the Order-To-Delivery process as well as Services and Support. He has been an electrical engineer since 2012 and specialized in developing fiber optic sensors. After a period as production manager of fos4X, he is responsible for the entire field Operations.
Fabian Zelenka

Fabian Zelenka


„Delivery reliability, quality, efficiency are our maxims – but sometimes it’s about making things easy.“

The mission

fos4X mission: smartblades with fiber optic rotor blade sensors

“We provide sensors and solutions to drive smart wind energy”

We want to play an important role in the digitization of wind industry. The levers of classical mechanical engineering and turbine construction are well-developed. Consolidation and production shifting are certainly suited to lower energy production costs. We are convinced that a closer collaboration between turbine manufacturers and suppliers, consistent recording of “smart data”, open interfaces and software for optimizing the operation are the better solutions for the industry.

With this conviction, a lot of domain knowledge, fantastic measurement technology and modern data analysis methodology, we help the wind industry into the digital age.

fos4X BLOG

Ice detection for ENERCON turbines in cooperation directly available via fos4X
Ice detection for ENERCON turbines in cooperation directly available via fos4X
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The fos4X ice detection system “Rotor Ice Control” of the market leader in the field of optimization of wind turbines […]

The effect of wake on wind turbine performance
The effect of wake on wind turbine performance
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Awakening awareness with measurements Flow of wind through the wind farm impacts the performance of turbines located downstream. That is a […]

50,000 new employees – bee colonies on the roof
50,000 new employees – bee colonies on the roof
by Team fos4X | June 4, 2019 Team fos4X

By far the largest department is no longer hardware or software development, nor sensor production, but honey production. Two whole […]

Quality management

Quality management at fos4X

“Quality assurance through defined processes”

Quality and safety-related activities are planned, controlled and monitored throughout. In this way, we ensure that, in addition to the quality requirements of our customers, the applicable legal and official regulations are also observed.

We have been ISO9001 certified since 2012, and we have been ISO9001: 2015 since 2018. These and other certificates can be found here. Currently, we are also one of the “BEST OF” winner of the Industry Award 2018 in the category Optical Technologies with our fos4Blade sensor platform.

Career at fos4X

career at fos4X

With our innovative fiber optic measurement technology and state-of-the-art data processing, we shape the market for rotor blade sensing. We are a young team of around 50 measuring and wind power experts with a dynamic culture. We are always looking for new colleagues who want to develop the technology with us and realize maximum customer benefits.

Follow us on our social media channels to stay up-to-date and to get an insight into our workplace. Check out the vacancies on our career page or send us your own initiative application at any time.

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